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What we do? Our extensive knowledge and experience  of all major brands will help to resolve and repair your appliances the way it should be repaired. Our techs know your appliance!!! 

Major kitchen and laundry appliances-refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, wall ovens, compactors, ranges, washer and dryers are the cornerstones of our modern life today. Without these devices we use every day, people would be washing dishes and their clothes by hand and cooking meals over an open fire. Broken appliance can amount to a pretty big problem in our households, and the question of whether to repair or replace these devices can create a lot of anxiety. When it comes to repairing appliances, every device eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns. If it's cheaper to fix an appliance than replace it, the smart money is usually on the fix.


Deciding whether to repair or replace your washing machine can be a tough call. But it’s also an important one, as a washing machine is an expensive home appliance that serves a vital household function — and it can be quite inconvenient when it fails. Sometimes, washing machine repair is the cheapest option, while other times a replacement is more economical in the long run.

Here are some factors to consider as you weigh your options for replacing or repairing your malfunctioning washing machine:


Repairing a range, stove or oven can seem like a big task, but our customers tell us how easy it is every single day. To help you diagnose the symptom of a range, stove or oven that will not start, we’ve created this guide of the parts most likely to fix the no heat problem. Use this information to understand how a range or oven works, how to determine which part is the cause and how to get the right part for your model. You can also get more details on your specific range, stove or oven by entering your model number into the search box.



Recalibrate Your Oven Temperature Setting

If the temperature in your oven seems off, or if your new oven just doesn't heat like your old one, you can recalibrate the temperature setting. Use the instructions in your manual or go online and search for a downloadable version using your oven's model number. Place a good-quality oven thermometer on the center shelf and wait for the oven to maintain a constant temperature. Then follow the procedure outlined in your manual to match the temperature setting to the thermometer reading. 



To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.

Both are great machines. Even better, both are available, which seems to be the deciding feature for many shopping decisions these days.

However, they are both different. One is not better than the other. LG and GE have different features, sizes, and reliability.

In this article, you will discover all the best features of both of their most popular washers. Then we will compare them.

By the end, you will be able to determine which machine is right for you.





Defrost Functionality Issue

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APPLIANCES — big, sturdy labor savers — seem like they should last forever. But according to data from Consumer Reports, at least a fifth of gas ranges, dishwashers and washing machines broke within three years. And pity the purchasers of side-by-side, French door refrigerators with ice machines and dispensers: after three years, 37% of them needed service.




  • EC40: Excessive Freezer Compressor Run
  • EC50: Excessive Refrigerator Compressor Run

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