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Oven Repair San Diego

A home stove repair much like the home refrigerator repair is one of those appliance repair calls that is given a high priority. The household stove and oven are used often throughout the day of the average family, which is why Premier Appliance Repair looks to resolve your oven or stove repair issue ASAP.

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Same day service for your stove or oven repair is commonly available daily throughout San Diego. Appointments are preferably made before 1:00pm the day of needed appliance repair.

If you are unable to contact our company by this time please be sure to call and check our schedule since appointments are sometimes changed and new available openings arise. Next day stove or oven repair is available on demand in San Diego.

Top 5 reasons why a homeowner calls for a stove repair or oven repair in San Diego:

  • Oven is no longer heating past 100 degrees
  • Stove top burner is not lighting on its own or electric element is not coming on
  • Oven is burning all of the food
  • Oven takes much longer than it used to, to get hot
  • Stove is making a continuous ticking sound


If any of the above discribes your stove, please call Premier Appliance Repair for your quick, reliable, repair solution.

Premier Appliance Repair works to deliver a high quality repair service throughout San Diego for your Gas and or Electric stove or oven repair needs. Today the modern home stove repair or oven repair is a little more technical than what it used to be over 20-30 years ago.

Electronic range controls, limiting switches, safety switches, silicon carbide ignitions, and other electrical devices are more commonly found and a professional diagnosis is certainly needed if you are looking to keep the cost of trial and error to a minimum. Although Premier Appliance Repair would be glad to offer technical advice over the phone to the homeowner, if the need should arise Premier Appliance Repair will gladly help make a quick diagnosis and repair of your oven or stove.

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